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Meet the Crunchers and Munchers:

That statement does not apply to Tessa

Tessa lives in Pittsburgh, where the restaurants are open so fast and furious that she can’t keep up. She works in a public library and has come to terms with the fact that she’ll never be able to read All The Books, but her to-read shelf on Goodreads is still way too long.  In her spare time she memorizes and sings folk songs and tries to practice the accordion quietly.  Since that is impossible, she practices much less than she’d like.  She once ate the perfect breakfast at Rebecca’s house, and it consisted of black coffee, baguette, and brie cheese.

Rebecca lives in Philadelphia, where she divides her time among praising Benjamin Franklin’s implementation of the first public library, muttering about the small improvements that could be made to almost every object to make it function more to her liking, culinary experimentation, and planning trips she’d like to take in the future to a troubling level of detail. Somehow she still finds time to concoct restaurant/bakery/bookstore ventures with Tessa. She likes octopi, whales, bread, and cheese, not necessarily in that order. She also writes about books and food at Good. Food. Stories.

Want to know more? R. & T. interviewed each other for their first post, which you can find here.

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  1. I’ll be linking to your great article on a YA ratings system when I publish my own commentary tomorrow. Cheers, Jody

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