We Need Diverse Books / Overwhelmed in the face of all sorts of racism

by Tessa

Yesterday I gave myself a holiday from blogging, but I also didn’t want to keep posting regularly when really I’ve been fixated on the terrible news from Ferguson about the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, and the blithely racist comment that Daniel Handler made on Jacqueline Woodson’s big night, and thinking about how when things get depressing for me I like to retreat into a book, but for lots of Black people and other People of Color they don’t have the privilege of escaping into books where the characters look like them or reflect their lives. Or if they do, the POC in the book are often treated like message or lessons and not people. Just one more privilege that is not afforded them.

So, if you’re looking for places to donate this holiday season or just because you want to act in some small way, check these out:

1. The Ferguson Library (here’s a post on Book Riot about their great work)

2. We Need Diverse Books campaign

I’ve turned off comments on this post because I don’t feel like debating anyone. This is obviously my personal opinion. Regular posting will continue tomorrow.

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